With more than half of the world still basking in the euphoria of his groundbreaking, epoch-making, rave-generating debut album, Laughter, Tears and Goosebumps; Fireboy DML strikes again with his sophomore album: APOLLO. 

If 'LTG' was robustly a purveyance of love and all the emotions that accompanies it, APOLLO is the body of work that projects Fireboy's mission, vision, imperfections, insecurities, paranoia, flaws with the touch of love and emotions. Perfect blend. 

Apollo is the mythical Greek god of light, music, medicine and poetry; hence it should come as no surprise that this album incorporates several elements. 


And from a Fireboy Stan, that has been bumping to his sound since "Star", "Magic", "Ajoke" etcetera etcetera., I couldn't be happier with the strides he is making. 

APOLLO is another noteworthy addition to the Fireboy catalog. 

Well, well, well, well, (Oops. You only get three wells). Let's get to reviewing: 

CHAMPION featuring. D Smoke 

This is a flex track! A blend of braggadocio and assertion. The R&B guitar chords on this record provide just the perfect backdrop. And EMPIRE label mate, D Smoke brought nothing but the best to the table with his flow and delivery. Props to Pheelz for this incredible production. And Fireboy, oh Fireboy. "I'm a legend in the making, I'm a champion". Yes. Yes, you are! 

SPELL featuring. Wande Coal 

The loverboy Fireboy is back, and just two tracks into the album. Erm.  Just saying. This track is conceptualized by love-induced hypnosis and mesmerism. I particularly appreciate the high pitched falsetto and sonic modulation. This track features a cameo appearance from Wande Coal, who also knows how it feels having the world at your feet with your debut album and the pressure that comes with maintaining those lofty heights with a sophomore project, and he helped guide Fireboy through this track, providing the needed flourish and embellishment. And peep the octaves Wande was hitting on this track. Oh my world. Never get old, Wande! 


It's the guitar solo for me !!! This track was released as a single and it immediately gained acceptance and the reasons for that, not far fetched. The melody and bounce makes it worth a listen. A nice song with massive replay value. The hook is incredibly catchy "Jah! Elijah! She dey cause wahala for area! Someone come save me, save me from Delilah (Save me from Delilah)". I'm absolutely enjoying this. Can't tell me nothing. 


Two words to describe this track: Steamy, Intense and Sensual. Okay, those are three words. But you get the point. Durh. I have never heard this Fireboy. But I am absolutely loving this Fireboy. And yes, I got the Usain Bolt reference. Stale but refreshing. "Let me beside you, or maybe inside you" Now that is some pickup line! Are the Mandem taking notes? 



Is it just me or the instrumentals sound exactly like something Michael Jackson would have gladly loved to jump on? R.I.P MJ. The streets miss you. But let's talk about DML. Fireboy takes us back to the 90s, furthermore accentuating the versatility of his artistry. I love this track. I don't know if it's the instrumentals. Or the lyrics. But fam, this sound is pleasing to my ears. 


To be honest, I didn't particularly like this song when it was initially released as a single. But a couple, triple, quadruple, blah blah blah , listens after, the song started to grow on me. And that is just the charm that Fireboy has. How does he even do it? The standout feature on this song for me, are the words. Fireboy DML is an exceptional songwriter. And that is a statement of fact that can never be overemphasized. Large up! 


The first line referencing his first hit song and Jealous. Don't leave me, Fireboy. Do not even try. Like the intro track 'Champion', this is another track that exemplifies Fireboy's braggadocio. And man, does he really sound good bragging! The rhyme scheme on this track makes it even more appealing. I am feeling this dawg.


Now, this piece is very, very relatable on all levels. This guy is an incredible writer. I will never, ever get tired of saying this. The first verse is brutally honest. "I'm not tryna be the number one. So many legends dey, I'm just trying to be another one". Well, y'all keypad warriors can now dead the needless comparisons amongst Fireboy and his contemporaries. The hook perfectly describes the pressure that comes with success. Also highlighting the paranoia every one of us feels, most times. "I just wanna be alone, I don't wanna see no message on my phone. Nothing dey do me you should know, I just feel like I should do this on my own". Jeez. We all can relate, Fireboy. We all can. 

24 (Interlude) 

A sonorous delivery. Clear cut message and straight to the point. Deserves it's place on this project. 


It's the guitar chords for me. Oh my. Fireboy is being so emotional and dramatic right now. "Am I only a dreamer?". Yeah nigga. She jilted your ass, now move on. For fuck sake. You have 2 solid studio albums, and you're still worried about some girl leaving you? Boy, know your worth. 

AFAR featuring. Olamide 

I love the intro. I love this track. A piece of insecurities and paranoia. The message is clear. Fireboy wants some mandem to keep off. Baddo does justice to this feature. Bringing back that '999' vibe. He added the finishing touches to the message his protégé already laid down in the preceding verse. The chorus is smokey. Dope jam. 


Fireboy loves to chant. It's his thing. It never gets old. I think this song is about some chic that has refused to reciprocate Fireboy's love? Or something? Well. Anyways. The blend of piano and drums on this record provides the spark. Props to the production team. 


I keep saying this. Fireboy is more R&B than Afro Life, Afro Beats or what not. Peep the acoustic guitar riffs. Peep the sequence and cadence in his delivery. Man, I'm totally loving this sound. This song deserves a video. The adlibs are touching my soul. Fireboy, you need to be calming down. A potential hit track. I'm calling it now. 


"Aye o fe, Aye o si, Aye o pe meji". Nahhh. I love this. The sonic transition is brilliant. No wonder even Fireboy had to give props to Pheelz at the ending. I can't wait to play this song on a Friday night. I need me some of them goosebumps. 


Another song that emphasizes Fireboy's exceptional songwriting skills. I told you I will never get tired of saying it. I told you. The words have some Shakespearean feel to them. Or am I just fronting? But then again, P Priime did a madness on this production, has to be said. The entire record is making me feel some type of way. Mostly, nostalgic. And no, I will not tear up. I am a hard guy. Durh. 


The horns are quite catchy though. The chants are mesmeric. This is typical Fireboy. This is Fireboy at his most compelling best. It's almost like he is singing to your soul.  A 9.5/10. Not gonna lie. 


What a fitting climax to such an amazing body of work. Few Nigerian artistes provoke emotions and goosebumps from me. Of which Fireboy is part. And that says a whole lot. Bruh. This track? I'm almost crying. It reminds me of his "I'll Be Fine" song off the YBNL Mafia album. So emosh. This is Fireboy making a statement of intent. His crave to leave a lasting legacy. He is also preaching to the rest of us. "Remember Me"??? Fireboy, you will always be remembered. And I am not even fronting.

Conclusively, this is an incredible project. Whoops. From top to bottom. Track 1 to Track 17. Totally worth the data. An amazing sophomore album to follow up an equally amazing debut album. The 'Fireboy' discography is growing increasingly fascinating. And we are all up for that. 

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