2020. A year, like every other, with it's highs and lows. Mostly lows. Or Highs. Whatever sizzles your own bacon, really. 

I am no clairvoyant (Spoiler alert!), but I presume you are reading this piece laying on your surprisingly comfy couch, you are probably sick and tired of binge watching your favorite TV series, you keep bumping into cute couple TikTok videos and now more than ever, you wished your stony heart gave loving a chance(Sorry!). Or, you have been following up with the #Don'tLeaveMeChallenge thread, and you have also come up with your own bit of lame and uncreative lines that only yourself and your dog find funny. (If you have a dog). 

Truly, 2020 has been littered with shock and horror, as much as it has been filled with fun and pleasure. 

It is also a year in which Nigerian music has delivered. Like it always does. And now it doesn't matter what your musical taste is like, or what genre classification you choose to identify with. What we can all agree with is that the Nigerian mainstream music industry has done bits and delivered major dubs in this calendar year. (So far, Linda). 

And now, without further ado, (mostly because I have expended so much characters on just the Intro already, and I assume you must be thinking "Yikes! Who expends this much characters on just the Intro?") 

I don't want you concluding that I am boring. Maybe most times, I am. But sometimes, I am really, really not. 

Okay, I'm cutting the crap now. I present to you the 10 best Nigerian songs of 2020. (So Far) 


Another Oscar-assisted Simi masterclass, the first 17 seconds of this track starts with a Piano beat that makes you feel as though, you are in the Opera about to do your ears the good favor of listening to a rendition of any one of Beethoven's classics. And on the 18th second mark, Oscar intricately brings us back to Africa. (It's not Beethoven, it's Simi! Same difference, durh!) 

Duduke is a beautiful, beautiful song that sees Simi profess motherly love to her then unborn child. Oh what a lucky child Adejare is! 


Still staying with the heavily talented Golds. AG Baby is your babyyy. (Well, AG Baby now has a baby). Something Different, the track, is truly something different. And fresh. And smooth. 

Adekunle Gold is basically talking about some chick who he has/had plans for but she isn't straightforward with him, and apparently has disappointed him. (I'm guessing she is named Amaka). Or something. Don't judge me. 

My best part? Rhyming "loco" with "lotto" and "dodo" and "motor". Whoops. Elite stuff! 


Oxlade had his breakthrough year in 2019. Catapulting himself to mainstream media with hot singles like "Legend" and "Ojoro". 

And in 2020, what does Oxlade do? He maintains the momentum by releasing a 6-track EP that would go on to become an instant hit and furthermore cement Oxlade's spot as one of the Legends-in-the-making. 

Away is the third track off the EP. And it sounds really great. Well, with Oxlade's voice, anything should sound really great. 

And the video? Bare hilarious! (Cue the laughing emojis)


DJ Neptune has carved a reputation for himself as one of the serial hit makers in the Nigerian music space over the years. 

And once again in 2020, he could do no wrong. Recruiting the help of label mates, Don Eazi and "Joeboy Pon Deck". (Get it? Not "Joeboy don dead" or "Joeboy condemn" or whatever you nerds have been mustering about) 

'Nobody' has indeed been one of the reasons why 2020 has been enjoyable for a lot of us. A jam and half. Only problem is that it ends.  

And who exactly doesn't like this song? Nobody. Nobody. Nobody. Nobody. 


OBO. Baddest. 

Although released in late 2019, off his sophomore album "A Good Time", 1 Milli has slowly but surely solidified itself as a major hit in 2020. 

Here, the 30BG man, (definitely with a lot of money to throw around), starts off talking about his fears of losing his Bae to "one of the boys online", and as such will stop at nothing to satisfy and/or impress the love of his life, even if it has to do with him paying 1 million dollars as bride price. (Now, isn't Papa Chioma just the luckiest in-law the Igboland has ever seen?). 


Egbami. Opari. See wetin she carry. 

Another track released off a 2019 album, that has also solidified itself as a major hit in 2020. 

Vibration is the second track off Fireboy DML's successful debut album. Laughter, Tears and Goosebumps. 

Smooth vocals. Spiritual adlibs. Typical Fireboy. Never change, Fireboy! 

Best part? "Jo Faridah, Jo" X20. 

Although, I have memories of a girl named Faridah. And they weren't exactly memorable. (I refuse to speak any further.) 


The second track off Chike's debut album, Boo of the Booless. Nakupenda (which means "I love you" in Swahili) has definitely earned the right to be classified as a major hit. 

The 2016 The Voice Nigeria runner-up, Chike, features the self proclaimed Perfect Gentleman on this joint. Yes, of course. You know it's Ric Hassani. 

These two men deliver their verses masterfully. (Well, good luck differentiating their vocals). 

And the video to this song is just oh-so interesting. Moral lesson of the story? It doesn't matter how pleasing your voice sounds to the ears, just own a car. Really. Just own a car.  


I really wanna tell you how my day went. 

Actually, no I don't. I really just wanna keep writing on the Internet. 

This song has been a major, major hit. Especially on the Social Media space. (Big props to everyone that contributed with their own TikTok videos). 

Some days before it's release, Simi had been on Twitter to marvel in the surprising chemistry that she and Ladipoe shared during the production of this absolute jam. I really thought it was just hype and PR. I'm really glad it was not just hype and PR. 

This is great music. Simi does what she does best. And Ladipoe just raps and raps. Because also, that's what he does best. 


An absolute madness of a jam. 

"Gbese biti Michael Jackson". (Surely I'm not the only one who would have loved to see MJ do the Zanku dance? Or am I just crazy? Never mind). 

This has definitely been an enjoyable tune. The beat is a madness. (Big props to SemsiBeatz). 

It'd also be important to note that (as at the time of this writing), Bad Boy Timz has released two remixes of this track featuring Mayorkun and Teni Makanaki. And both artistes have delivered. As usual and expected. 


If you're a true Rema fan (like I am), you have also probably consciously or subconsciously asked yourself which version of Rema is the best version of Rema? (Because I have). 

Is it the Trap Rema or the Afrobeat Rema? Is it the Why Rema or the Dumebi Rema? Is it the Boulevard Rema or the Lady Rema? 

But wait, let me tell you something. Listen up. (Or rather, read up). With this insanely talented 20-year old boy, does it really matter? I mean, does it really matter if he Traps better, or he does Afrobeat better? 

Isn't all that matters is that this guy consistently drops great music for us? Of which one of such is Beamer? 

Beamer is a wonderful piece of music. I listen to it everywhere. Including the places I can boldly say out (and the places I don't feel proud enough to disclose). 

Best part? "Bigi baka wey dey make bad man shout oruma, Philomena do the dutty whine for the corner". Sighs. Unreal flex. 

And now to the concluding part. (Because, I mean, are you even a serious Writer if your article has no concluding part?). Compiling this article is the hardest thing I have had to do this year. Apart from trying to convince my 5-year old cousin that Santa Claus isn't real. Sighs. (Never again, Tobi!). I may have omitted some of your favorite songs. Or may have included some songs based on my own personal taste. But isn't that the rule guiding this whole writing thing? (If there is a rule guiding this whole writing thing). Well, now feel free to tell me how big of an idiot I am! 

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