Imagine if the Nigerian music industry was a high school. Imagine if your favorite artistes were students. Imagine Tiwa Savage, with all of that gorgeous body, in a pinafore.... Holy shmolly. 

Okay. Let's get started.


The rich kid in school. She has the fanciest stuffs. She is always the center of attraction. Regardless, she is still hardworking and is only concerned about getting good grades.


One of the coolest guys in school. Also the class clown. But very intelligent. Everybody thinks he is highly unserious because he is always throwing jokes around, but he still ends up getting good grades and results. 


One of, if not the most popular guy in school. He is super cool. He dates the hottest chicks in school. He rarely attends classes, but always comes out with flying colors at the end of the term. 


The innocent looking girl whom everybody loves. She has the loveliest voice so the teachers always assign her to lead the Christmas Carol. Not forgetting that she was also in a love triangle when she newly joined the school.. Oops! 


The new kid in school that almost immediately became popular. He also likes to act cool just to impress 'dem girls. And as such, has garnered a lot of female friends, but he is confused on which of them to date exactly. 


A very popular figure in school. He wears the most expensive wears and accessories. And likes to show them off. He also has his own clique of guys in school and they always walk around together. You do not want to mess with them.... 


The new girl in school who keeps to herself and rarely mingles with the other girls. She is always minding her business and studies. 


The baddest gyal in the entire school. Almost every boy has a crush on her. Not excluding even the male teachers. She used to be quite decent when she was in junior class. But soon became more exposed. However, she is one of the most brilliant students in school, and she's been tipped for the Head Girl post. 


The school loverboy. But he rarely has luck with the girls and most times, gets his heart broken. Almost all the teachers like him, because he's serious and quite brilliant. He is also the school son of one the biggest boys in school (Olamide). 


The school tomboy. Mostly seen hanging with the boys. She even plays soccer. She is also quite comical and she's always trying to light up the mood in class with jokes and banter. 


The coolest kid in school. He is quite stylish and owns really cool gadgets. He is the son of one of the School's EXCOS (Don Jazzy). So sometimes, he gets special treatment from the teachers. 


The number one gangsta in school. Rebellious and expressive. Was suspended once, and everyone in school thought they had seen the end of him. But he came back even stronger. He doesn't act unless provoked. And now, everyone in school have no other choice but to warm up to him. 

What do you think of this article? Hit or Miss? Apt or Nah. Let me know, really.

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