BREAKING: Hackers takeover popular Twitter accounts and scam people of millions through Bitcoin

Twitter accounts of some of the most prominent figures in the world have been taken over in a breathtaking scam involving bitcoin

It appears that some hackers have taken over popular social media platform Twitter and are using it as an avenue to scam people by asking them to send bitcoin to a given bitcoin address promising to double whatever is sent to the wallet.

They're targeting pages of popular social icons and companies like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Kanye West, Apple, Bill Gates, Barrack Obama among others.

Many unsuspecting Individuals have fallen for the scam as at the time of writing this, it's estimated that over 10 million dollars worth of bitcoin have been sent to the Bitcoin address in a scheme that's sure to trend all over the world and arguably the biggest Hack the social platform has ever witnessed.

It's unclear yet if all accounts have been regained by their respective owners, but taking a look at the page of Bill Gates the tweet asking for the donation appears to have been deleted, below are screenshots of some of the tweets on the hacked accounts.

While there hasn't been any announcement or acknowledgement yet from Twitter (the Twitter support page appeared to have been targeted by the hackers too and the same tweet appeared on it), the transaction counts to the bitcoin address is increasing as many people are still unaware that it's a scam although it appears tweeting has been temporarily restricted for verified users since they're the ones targeted by the hackers. 

This is not the first time hackers will target the social media platform Twitter, but this appears to be the largest and most relevant yet and there will surely be questions asked about the security protocols put in place by the people in charge of the platform.

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