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Your Wife Cheating on You? Four Ways to Find Out!!


Infidelity sucks. It’s not something anyone wants to be on the receiving end of in any relationship. It brings so much pain and attacks the victim’s confidence in ways that take time to recover from. It can be really devastating especially if the discovery hits suddenly, out of the blue. The road after an episode is tough one and almost everyone who’s had a taste of it wish they could’ve prevented it.

Many times too infidelity leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of culprits. It destroys the relationships they had been building up for years and discredits them in ways they may never recover from.

For men, the idea of a cheating wife is terrible idea not even to be conceived. Many of them consider this the ultimate betrayal; forgiveness, almost an impossibility. In spite of this many men are confronted with possibility of a cheating wife.

These signs can help you know if your wife is cheating:

She’s Suddenly Secretive:

Her phone no longer lies around carelessly, maybe she even changed the password you knew. Your constantly talkative wife doesn’t share her daily events with you anymore and she now always seems reluctant to know what she’s doing. When you ask her how the day went, the person who once used to volunteer information would rather stay silent.

It’s possible she has a lot on her mind or you both have unresolved but sudden and continuous secretiveness is not a good sign in your wife. It could easily be a sign she’s cheating.

Nothing Upsets Her Anymore:

Now you know this woman and you know how she’s vocal about what she doesn’t like and has no qualms repeating (I don’t want to say “nag”) the same complaints over and over again. But suddenly she stops, nothing seems to upset her anymore. On top of that, you feel a sense that she’s fighting hard not to look indifferent. Somebody else may be taking all that energy and your place.

She Doesn’t Crave Your Time and Attention Anymore:

Almost every time she wanted to do something or go some where, she always wanted you to come along but suddenly that has stopped. She just seem to need your company anymore and now spending time with you seems to be perfunctory on her part. It now seems she would rather do things on her own than with you.

Sure, she might just need some time to herself but if she has suddenly become so much more independent than she usually is, you need to look out. She might be cheating.

Her Friends Seem To Be Avoiding You:

They may know something you don’t and not want to be the ones to tell you. Or maybe, they really know either. She might be acting really and causing them to have suspicions. They, in turn, might want to be around so you don’t pick on their confusion or suspicions about her sudden change in behaviour. Generally, sudden dodgy behaviour from the friends (or family) could be a sign that she cheating.

All signs are certain signs that your wife is cheating, so don’t jump the gone. If you have suspicions, examine yourself first: it may just be insecurities. But if the uneasiness persists, try to find out and sometimes you just may to have an open confrontation.

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5 Things To Do Whenever You Travel With Your Lover


You have been planning this weekend getaway with your lover in Calabar for months. You have made it a secret because you want to achieve the wow effect. However, don’t be surprised if she doesn’t give you the ‘awwwwwwww’  especially if it is a surprise. But wait a second, do you really want to create a big impression on her and get the desired response? If yes, Jumia Travel gathers 5 things you should always do when you want to travel with your spouse or lover.

Speak about money

Money can make or mar any relationship whether you are traveling or not. So, before you start any travel plans, both of you should talk about your finances. This is because people don’t have similar budgets. This is essential because Nigeria is presently in a recession and you don’t want to spend money indiscriminately.

Plan the trip together

For a smooth and exciting trip to any Nigerian destination of your choice, you should always plan the trip together. This is because one of you may be unhappy with the decision your lover makes on your behalf. Planning the trip can also effectively help check expectations.


Any relationship boils down to communication. Telling your partner what you want before, during and after the trip can help you avoid any disagreement. If one of you is spending outside the budget, you should be able to caution them.


Everything can’t be perfect

Nothing is perfect because unforeseen incidences happen when traveling. This is because you cannot avoid stressful situations. The way both of you react to them may ruin your trip or enjoy it. So, you should be able to accommodate these frustrations.

Don’t Explore alone

Imagine when you wake up and you didn’t find your partner. Where is he? You later find a note that he has gone to explore alone without informing you. You will be infuriated for leaving you at the transcorp hotel in Calabar without waking you. It is better for both of you to explore together.

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5 Likely Reasons Men Won’t Travel With a Nigerian Woman


Travel is fun. It is even more thrilling and pleasurable when you travel with your girlfriend. She is your perfect companion throughout the trip. It is never a dull moment and you get to spend time together. Speaking from experience, I had a memorable time with my significant other during our short stay at Grand Ibro hotel in Abuja early in the year. Don’t ask me for details.

However, there are lots of baggage that come with junketing with a woman notwithstanding if she is your wife, mother, girlfriend or side chic. This is why some men hate to travel with them due to these shenanigans. No offense dear female folks! Jumia Travel gathers some of these reasons. Despite this, we are very sure that these men love their women.

They take hours to dress up

Men have complained bitterly about the minutes or hours some women take to dress up. Meanwhile, you are already running very late to catch your flight. Most times, reason women give is that they want to look good for their man. Of course, they always expect men to be patient and wait for them.

They will always over pack

A man will only have a single box and he is good to go for a year. But with a woman, they will have several boxes because they always pack everything they need. Even if you are taking a flight, they are not perturbed about the extra charges. You have to pay. And please, don’t try to stop them if you don’t want ‘trouble’!

They are likely to forget something

After all the over packing, you will be shocked that they will still forget something. For example, they may forget to book a hotel, ATM cards, and even their phones. This is part reason why some men prefer to plan the entire trip themselves.

pa.jpgImpulse buying

Very few women will see a beautiful bag, cloth, necklace or shoe and not be interested in buying. They will drag you to that store and ensure that they purchase it. By the way, you don’t have to worry about settling the bills. They will do that themselves. Again, patience!

You don’t want to be present when they haggle

Haaaaa…have you ever seen a woman haggle? You don’t want to be present. How much is this? Madam it’s 5,000. 5,000…ke? Let me pay 3,000? Ok. Madam bring  your money. Looks at the cloth for several minutes. This is not worth 3,000. Let me pay 1,500… SMH!

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4 incredible lies women tell their husbands


A marriage is for better or for worse but at times one party will lie to avoid the worse part. That party could be the wife and she can tell lies to her husband for different reasons.

The lies she will tell can be deemed as innocent white lies meaning that they veil the truth. It’s a lie told with good intentions and not one meant to hurt the other person.

I’m sure some women think they can’t lie but they may find themselves telling lies the longer their stay in the marriage. It could be telling their husband he hasn’t added weight when he has to assuring him that their parents love him when they don’t.

Here are four major lies women tell their husbands:

1. “You’re the best sex I’ve ever had”

This could go in line with telling him his penis is the biggest on earth or he has made them feel like no one ever has. If they had a good sex life before, they would have experienced other men.

Sexier men, bigger men and so on but she ended up with her husband who they love so much that they chose him as their best. However if it’s about him being physically the best one earth…girl, that’s a big, fat white lie.

2. “I’ll be ready in a bit”

We know women take forever to get ready and wives are the same. Their husband may want to take them out for date night but they have soo much to do, it’s taking forever.

When he asks how much longer he has to wait, they shorten the time instinctively when they know by that time, there’s no way they will ever be ready. It’s just a white lie to give him false hope.

3. “No, I didn’t tell my friend about it”

Women talk. They talk to tbeir parents, friends and siblings to an extent. In marriages, they tend to be more tight-lipped but if they have a big problem with you, rather than go to a counsellor or something, they will tell their friends.

Plus, if you do something nice or something spectacular in bed, they will be inclined to share how great you are. They may not give full details but they will summarise.

And when he ask them if they talk, they will say no so you don’t realise you are practically married to them and their friends.

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4. “You’re right”

Right ke? You are never right, we always are. But sometimes, your husband needs to feel like a man and you don’t know better than him so to pamper his ego, you will apologize or say he was right.

This will make him feel great about himself and will save you the stress of arguing with him. Plus deep down she will know she is right so she too will feel good.

Did we forget to include other lies women tell their husbands? feel free to add your via the comment section!

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5 Things Insanely Happy Couples Do Without Hesitation


Here are five things that insanely happy couples do without hesitation:

They encourage one another

Insanely happy couples don’t get jealous of each other. They don’t try to hold the other back from achieving their goals. Instead, they encourage them to go after those dreams and goals. They encourage one another when self-doubt tries to rear its ugly head or when the outside world tries to make them feel less than.

They lean on one another

When the going gets tough, insanely happy couples know who they can lean on without any questions asked. They know that there is no weight too big for their spouse to hold up. The beauty of this couple is that they never take count of how many times they’ve been leaned on. Instead, they offer both shoulders if needed.

They genuinely care

Insanely happy couples genuinely care about each others’ well-being. They take the time to actually ask and listen to how each others’ day/night went. They don’t brush off things that look out of place or feelings that have been shared. They show concern for one another.

They greet each other with love

It doesn’t matter how you’re feeling in that moment about your spouse or about life in general. When your boo thang enters the door, you greet him or her with a hug and kiss. There’s something about when your spouse is still excited to see you when you enter the room that makes you a happy person.

They end and begin their day with each other

Insanely happy couples (whether in person, through text or virtually) communicate with each other as the first and last thing they do in their day. Two phrases my husband and I say (mostly text since he works at night) every day to each other: “Good morning, Love” and “Goodnight, Love.” It’s so simple, yet so powerful.

BWMK: What are some habits you and your spouse commit to regularly to sustain an insanely happy marriage?

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Ladies: See Amazing Ways To Manipulate Your Way Into His Heart


Use these powers for good, not evil. Guys do not like predictability — at all. In fact, most of the time, they like to have someone who keeps them guessing, makes them work for things, and generally isn’t a “sure thing.”

Ladies, lets play some mind games. Here are some weird ways you can make sure he’ll always remember your name… in a good or at least intriguing way.

1. Don’t reveal anything about yourself after brief flings, and usher him out as soon as you can.

Most guys assume that you are going to be looking to talk to him and be interested in his life. Some even assume that girls want a relationship with them, right off the bat. Instead of doing the normal thing, just shoo them out the door with little chit chat the first time or two you sleep with him. Then, slowly open up. More often than not, they will start trying to win you over, because they don’t know what to make of you.

2. Pull back when he starts to pull forward, but just by a little bit.

Some guys really melt at the thrill of the chase, and for those guys, pulling back can drive them insane. They’ll start to wonder what’s going on, what they can do to keep you around, and basically chase you around.

The funny thing is that some guys can’t handle that chase, and if you actually do lose interest, they will turn you into the “one that got away” in their minds.

3. Just be weird.

Honestly, being a wild card is the easiest way to get someone. Just being odd makes people wonder what you’ll do next, even if you’re relatively predictable.

4. Choose edgy or slightly scary date ideas.

If a guy lets you choose the date locale, choose something that would make him a little worried or scared. The reason this works is because studies show that fear often will provoke a response that makes someone feel like they’re falling in love. Interestingly enough, it works on men as well as it works on women.

5. Give him a little bit of worry about whether or not he can actually please you.

This one is risky, because it can backfire pretty easily. The gist of this get method is pretty simple: make him realize other guys are trying to get with you, too. Don’t flat-out tell him, but let him actually see other guys fawning over you. Your role in this is to seem mildly disinterested, which makes him feel privileged to be with you but not 100 percent certain on you.

6. Hold back on affection if he blows you off.

Mirroring men’s behavior towards you really messes with them. They often expect women to flood their phones when they pull back on them. They may even try to act huffy when you ask them to do something. Teaching him how to treat you by mirroring him will force him to either treat you well, or not treat you at all.

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9 Places To Touch A Woman And Make Her Go Crazy In Bedroom


Aside the private parts, there are some other areas that can arouse women and make them crazy for you. Men should know what these areas are because women can sense please all over their body. Touch these areas as foreplay or to relax your girl after a hard day at work.

1. The nape of the neck was regarded as very attractive by men in ancient Japan because it was one of the few places on women’s body that were “naked”. Notice the reaction of your female partner after kissing her lightly on the nape of her neck.

2. Women with a well defined clavicle are very sexy. You should show how much you appreciate that with gently touches and kisses. Unbutton her shirt enough to reveal the clavicle. Also, you can pay more attention to this area while having sex.

3. Place your hand on her shoulder, but don’t be too pushy. Also, you can show you protect her by placing your hand against the small of the back. When alone, kiss or lick her spine and kiss the small of her back to make her crazy for you.

4. A mistake men make is not paying more attention to the area behind woman’s knee. It is a mistake because

this area is very sensitive and caressing it will arouse her.

5. Make your woman go crazy for you by touching, kissing or lightly biting her earlobes. Also, you can try nibbling around the outside of the rest of her ear.

6. By tracing your finger along her palm, no matter if you are alone or in public, you show your affection and caring for your partner.

7. There is nothing more pleasing than a foot massage, especially after a long and tiring day. Grab some massage oil or lotion and massage her ankles, toes and the sides of her feet.

8. Women visit a hairstylist not only because they want their hair to be beautiful, but also because hands are gently running through her hair. So, this means you can try this pleasure too. Using your fingers start to massage her temples and move to the nape of her neck.

9. Give her maximum pleasure by teasing her inner thighs and kissing or even licking the area around her pelvis.

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Ladies, Take Note! If You Do These 8 S*xy Things With Your Mouth, Your Man Will Go Crazy for You

For those who want to be more creative than just giving him a blow

1. Say his name.

Studies show the sound we love most is the sound of our own names being said by someone who you want to bone. Those are literally the results of all the studies. I swear.

2. Speak in a language you don’t know.

Have you ever tried to speak in fake Spanish? Just roll your R’s a lot and list the names of vegetables and fruits and talk about la biblioteca.  Nothing is hotter.

3. Use a straw.

Maybe it’s beer, maybe it’s a wine cooler, maybe it’s Kool-Aid. Either way, you’re sucking on something and that makes guys think of refreshing drinks.

4. Whisper sweet nothings.

Like, literally whisper the words “sweet nothings” over and over again. It doesn’t mean anything at all but if you whisper it low enough so he can’t hear what you’re saying, it’ll just seem like a sexy whisper.

5. Mouth the names of the friends of his you kinda wanna make out with.

He won’t know why you keep mouthing, “Your friend Sean, your friend Sean,” but he’ll love the way your mouth moves.

6. Press it against his car window and puff your cheeks out like a fish.

It’s important that this is a really filthy car, if you know what I mean. Cause if he stays with you after that, it’s about to get FREAKAAAYYYYY.

7. Tie a cherry stem into the shape of his favorite basketball player’s body with your tongue.

This is not easy to do and if you complete this task successfully, you should win an award that comes with a plaque, because who are you and how did you do that??

8. Open your mouth obscenely wide when you kiss him.

Really envelope his whole mouth with your mouth, then push your breath out so hard it hits the back of his throat and he passes out from how weird it was. How you choose to revive him is up to you.

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Revealed! Why single women are attracted to married men

There is a certain connection between single women and men who are taken in a relationship or married. Women, as tender as their hearts are, choose to fall in love with men who are clearly out of reach.

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In the past, men who are married are seen as off-market; women do not want to have intimate relationships with them because they know they are up to no good. But in present times, the reverse is the case.

Some of the women in the society are shying away from marriage; they find it easy to relate with men who are married for some unknown reasons. Finding a man who is in a relationship is a point of attraction to many. It is sickening that they some of them see the men as prizes that have to be won.

Many women in the society are mate poachers; they are only interested in going after men that belong to other women. It is absurd that as pretty as some of these women are, they do not find single men to give their hearts to.

We have husband snatchers, fiance seductresses and home wreckers in the society now. There are a number of reasons why women deliberately go after men who are married. We have to acknowledge the fact that some married men do not stay in their lanes too; they do not have it in mind to keep their marriage vows.

Find below some of the reasons single women are attracted to married men:

1. Lack of conscience

Adultery has been in existence since time immemorial; people are starting to see illicit affairs as a norm in the society. Even though people know it is not okay to cheat on their partners, they still do it all the same.

Single women are guilt-free. They help some men break their vows and do not care about the wives at home. They will do whatever it is they could do in order to win the men over.

2. They are naturally drawn to the married men

Some single women are known to be mate poachers because they find other women’s husbands and fiances irresistible.

They like qualities these men exhibit in their relationships and would do anything to have the men to themselves.

They understand that married men are often in dire need of intimacy, their wives are too busy looking after the kids that they end up neglecting the men.

Single women offer emotional support as well as sexual pleasure to these men. They meet their needs when they are depressed and in need of comfort.

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3. Married men are money bags

This is hitting the nail on the head. As disciplined as some single women are, they cannot resist the thoughts of being with some married men who will boost their finances.

Married men in addition to being easy to talk to have loads of money to drop. Most of these men know the affair excludes serious commitment, they try to make up for it by giving these single women money.

The single women, in turn, see it as a convenient arrangement; they tag along until they are ready to settle down. Some of them become the men’s darlings and end up helping them explore polygamy.

Men who have social status in the society are prized by women.
4. Women are more opened than in the past

While the world is clamouring for an equal right for both men and women, women are liberated and helped out of their shells.

They have become daring with their needs, thoughts and actions. Nothing is ever out of reach to them as they know the kind of effort they will put into it to make it happen.

This is the modern day poaching; the world is obviously not shocked anymore when they see a married man having an illicit affair with a single woman.

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5. Stealing another woman’s husband is easy

All thanks to technology, women now find it easy to poach other women’s husbands without doing much. They could be in the comfort of their homes and chat flirtatiously with these men while they are in bed with their wives.

They use humour to get close to the men, they call at intervals in order to make the men think about them. They are able to send pictures that will cause all sorts of reactions in the minds and bodies of these men. They dress to kill when they finally meet these men.

There are several other reasons single women run after married men. But irrespective of what their reasons are, they are being selfish with their actions. It is not fair for you to sabotage someone else’s husband.

You are most likely to get married someday as a single woman, you will not appreciate a young lady seducing your husband. It is unforgivable for you to poach someone else’s husband. Moreover, a man who cheats on his wife for your sake will also cheat on you with someone else.

That is the law of karma.

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7 Unusual Date Ideas You Should Try Out This Weekend

Dating ought to be entertaining! Also, it shouldn’t make you feel constrained into settling on undesirable decisions (like drinking each night for a week in a row), or surprisingly more terrible: exhausted.

These 7 Unusual Date Ideas will get you out of your customary range of familiarity, into some fun, and at any rate have you and your possible new boo bonding over the experience.

Couples - Unusual Date Ideas

Spend a Night Outdoors
Take it back to the summer nights during your childhood when you and the neighborhood kids spent evenings outside until the street lights came on.

Bring the youthfulness back into your relationship. Take a moonlight walk. Eat ice cream in the park. At the conclusion of the night, sit with your significant other under the stars and talk. Or better yet, spend the rest of the night under the stars. You can rent a tent, and camp out in your backyard or patio.

Game Night
With this second out of 7 unusual date ideas, it’s time to think out of the box—and outside of the Redbox, too. The routine of takeout and a movie can quickly lead your relationship down the road to boredom and monotony.

If you are your partner have fallen into the trap of predictable date nights, spice it up with a night at the arcade. Nothing builds up sexual tension like competition and flirtation. Places like Dave and Buster’s and Gameworks can be high energy date nights.

Challenge your lover to a game of basketball, race go-carts, shoot pool and play some arcade games. Want to up the ante, wager something fun or sexual.

Take a last-minute trip
If you really want to impress your mate, book a last-minute getaway—and traveling doesn’t have to be expensive. Choose your destination based off of which flights are on sale, check websites that offer last-minute travel deals, take advantage of your reward miles, pack light to avoid checked bag fees and even book a staycation just outside of the city limits.

Surprise your spouse with a two-day weekend getaway; it doesn’t have to be an exotic trip to an island. A simple weekend getaway can do wonders for your relationships.

This date idea is exactly what it sounds like; you and your mate spend one day locked inside your home. But here’s the catch: Try to disconnect completely from the outside world—no TV, no Internet, no phones.

If this sounds boring, then you’re not using your imagination. Get creative with ways you can occupy your time. Cook all your meals together (try an intricate recipe), take on a DIY house project, read to one another. Devote an entire 24 hours to being attentive to one another.

Try/Learn Something New
Schedule one day a month where you and your significant other agree to learn one new skill or hobby with one another. This can include taking a French cooking class, learning a foreign language or taking up a new sport, such as rock climbing or martial arts. Dedicate time to grow together.

Love Jones
As a true Love Jones fanatic and poetess, I would be remiss if I did not mention the beauty of adding art to your date night. Poetry clubs, paint nights, live music or museums will always be classic date nights. Mental stimulation is the grandest romantic gesture.

Take a Family Field Trip
And finally, the last of unusual date ideas, here is what you have to do – Stop using babysitting as an excuse to write off date nights. If babysitting is always a hurdle for you, start including your kids on the date. Try out-of-the norm activities that the whole family can enjoy.

Head out to the countryside to visit a nearby apple orchard or pumpkin patch. Stop at a roadside corn maze or petting farm. Pack a picnic lunch, and find a nice scenic location to dine along the way home.

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